Where do you stand against the Industry benchmark of success? We believe you can use this validated output to significantly improve your marketability. Use this information and the subsequent personal report in your interviews with Providers and Clients. It will set you apart from non-member Interims and independently support your application for assignments.

Please note there are two additional services you can benefit from: A development report and a 1:1 high-quality 2-hour coaching session. A number of members have already used these services to improve their marketability and win assignments.

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The Saville Consulting Interim Report is an Interim specific assessment output that draws on our extensive research into the key performance drivers of interim management. In completing the 15 minute online assessment you will be able to access several report options, each offering various insight into your Interim Potential.

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The Potential Report identifies your competency potential against the key competencies required for Interim success. You will be provided with benchmarked competency scores highlighting areas of strength and potential development areas.

In addition, you will be provided with overall performance scores including Overall Interim Potential, Interim Leadership Potential, & Interim Technical Expertise.

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The Interim Development Report is an additional report that provides tangible development tips, offering candidates' individual pointers on how they can best build on capability, develop strengths, and manage limitations. This report also highlights overplayed strengths or areas of strength that may need to be monitored.

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The Interim Expert Report is a 2-hour 1:1 personal session with an occupational physiologist, trained in these instruments, who will provide you with expert 1:1 advice and guidance on how to use this information to give you the best opportunity to win assignments.

The expert report contains the detailed behavioural information including individual's motives and talents, preferred culture and environment fit, and an extremely comprehensive Interim Potential competency report.

We have partnered with Zircon, a leading Management Consulting organisation of Chartered Occupational Psychologists and HR professionals, with over 170 consultants located throughout the UK, to provide a unique service to the members of the API.

Appointments will be made at a location as near to you as possible.
Note: You are welcome to review the profiles of some of Zircon's Expert Professional Coaches by clicking here >>

Once you have completed the questionnaire and paid for this report, please email expertreport@apinterims.com to book your coaching and feedback session and one of the Zircon team will call you to arrange your coaching session at a regional centre as near to you as possible

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Industry Standard of Success

Defining the core competencies of a successful Interim Manager is a difficult subject, not least because of the variety of functional roles and levels of responsibility that Interims cover. In an important first for the industry, the API has undertaken academically sound and statistically robust research, in conjunction with Saville Consulting, a leading international psychometric and assessment business, to determine the benchmark competencies and aptitudes of a successful Interim Manager.

Saville Consulting has completed a thorough competency and aptitude based validation study with access to over 1200 Interim Managers in the UK. The results have been rigorously analysed to produce an industry-specific model of core behaviours and competencies, objectively highlighting, for the first time, the key drivers of Interim Management success.

Behavioural styles and aptitude data have been collected from over 300 senior interim managers in combination with performance criteria provided by a manager, peer or colleague. This data provides extremely robust analysis.

The research has allowed us to create a benchmarked competency model that highlights the key drivers of interim success and how interims as a group differ in behavioural and aptitude terms from a large benchmark group of permanent executives.

A synopsis of the research can be found by clicking here but the key findings are as follows:-

Overall interims outperformed other senior professionals and managers on a measure of analytical aptitude, which is a broad measure of intellectual agility. This higher aptitude performance was most pronounced in the area of verbal ability. Across the board, interims outperformed senior professionals, irrespective of job level.

The Importance of this research for Interim Managers:

The results of the validation and job profiling exercise have unearthed a clear performance model that predicts to a large degree an interim managers performance potential.

As a result the Saville Consulting Interim Manager report allows existing or potential interims to measure their competency strengths and compare these styles to those of other interims as well as a larger group of professionals and senior managers. It also allows Interim Managers to make an informed decision as to personal development opportunities for their career progression, which they can match with Open University development modules (see matrix of modules under CPD).

Profile Reports

Self Improvement

Paul Hughes New Interim Manager

The opportunity to understand where I stand in terms of the competencies of a successful interim manager has been invaluable in helping me decide how and where to improve my professional interim skills.

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